Introduction to Home Brewing is the best DVD for learning how to brew beer. Save money and time!

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"Learn how to homebrew by seeing the equipment, ingredients and methods you'll need to make beer. You'll be walked through a batch of beer from start to finish. A great step-by-step way to your first homebrew."

— Brew Your Own magazine

Professional Home Brewing Instruction

For the beginning home brewer. We show you everything you need to know to brew quality home made beer. We start by looking at the equipment required to home brew, follow it up by examining the main components of beer and then the brewing process itself. This is a must have for all new home brewers.

You will learn how to brew great beer at home using a combination of malt extract and specialty grains. This method gives you greater control over the final product than just extract alone. This method also gives you a better understanding of grain use if you decide to use the all grain method in the future.

  • Equipment Breakdown

    We examine all the equipment you may encounter when purchasing your first home brew setup, including the most popular kits!

  • Learn about Ingredients

    You will learn the main components of beer and how they effect flavor, color and aroma. Take the mystery out of brewing!

  • Step by Step Process

    We show and explain the entire brewing process, each step examined and explained so every home brewer may follow along.

Choose your own Brewing Adventure

With our unique dvd menu system, we tailor the instruction to your equipment.

Custom Navigation

We will tailor the brewing process to your equipment setup. Supporting three popular equipment kits.


Like the big brewery counterparts, a home brewer can use a conical for an all-in-one brewing fermenter.

Two Stage

Learn how to ferment in two stages, which can bring greater clarity and flavor to your beer.

One Stage

Get started with the simplest of methods to brew beer. This is also the most cost effective method.

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"This dvd is like having three dvds in one. You learn how to brew with single stage, two stage and a conical. I actually found it to be a great visual companion to a couple brewing books I picked up. I fully recommend it."

Robert Hall, Amazon Reviewer

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